The One He’s Been Looking For – Book 2

The One He’s Been Looking For – Book 2

This is the romantic story of a closed-off photographer opening up to the love he’s always needed. World-famous photographer Ian Sterling had been searching for the perfect woman. When he finally spots Jordan Brand, he simply has to have her.

The photos he takes of her are to be his final and greatest work. His life as he knows it is slipping through his fingers, as a man born to bestow beauty on the world loses his sight. For rebellious artist Jordan, becoming someone’s inspiration should have been laughable. But being with Ian makes her ridiculously happy, and knowing the difficult road he faces makes her love him even more. Ian refuses to pass along his disorder to children, though, leaving Jordan to choose between the man who holds her heart and the family she’s always wanted…

Joanna's contemporary romance novels captivate readers with their gripping plots, vivid prose, and devotion to love, realism, relatable characters, and detailed depictions of all the ups and downs that lead to a happily-ever-after.

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