A Baby For Christmas – Book 1

A Baby For Christmas – Book 1

The other twin brother, Marine Captain Luke Brand, is back home with one pressing mission on his mind: to make amends with his identical twin brother’s widow. They’ve never gotten along, but for the wounded soldier, establishing a connection with his yet-to-be-born nephew is a top priority—and failure is not an option.

To make things trickier, he has to make peace without revealing a big secret: that he’s madly, completely, head-over-heels in love with Sophia Lee Brand. Luke is the last person Sophia wants to see this Christmas! She’s too vulnerable and, well, too pregnant for the disruption. So why does she blush when he smiles? Why does her heartbeat quicken when they touch? His looks are all too familiar, but he stirs up emotions she’s never felt before. Can a kiss under the mistletoe make both of their Christmas wishes come true?

Joanna's contemporary romance novels captivate readers with their gripping plots, vivid prose, and devotion to love, realism, relatable characters, and detailed depictions of all the ups and downs that lead to a happily-ever-after.

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